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Oldstick Books

Julie's first five family novels set on the Sussex coast. From Lane's End, a story of a man with learning difficulties  (which has also been produced as an audio book for Calibre) and the two continuing stories about the adventures of his family -  to Never Pretend, the follow on to Never Run Away where a married woman runs away and tries to make a new life for herself. All books are in paperback and Never Run Away is on kindle.

For folk who live locally there is the extra pleasure of identifying landmarks.




Latest Work

A daring venture into the world of romance novels, but set in the 1960's when the conflict between Victorian values and the sexual freedom of the 'Swinging Sixties' made the search for true love fraught with difficulties.

Innocent Meg, adventurous Tamsin and ambitious Georgie leave college with different aims in view.Meg wants love, Tamsin wants excitement and Georgie wants fame.

Who achieves their dream and how the men in their lives treat them makes for an intriguing story.

Purchase from Amazon in paperback or on kindle. 



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Monday 27th March 2017 7.30pm

Talk to Burgess Hill WI.

Friday 31st March With Sea Scribes at Worthing Phoenix Club ( Leisure Centre)

Tuesday November 14th 7pm

Talk to Worthing Friendship Centre

at Durrington Community Centre

" From Manuscript to Microphone."


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