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Julie C Round is a public speaker who gives talks to the WI and other local groups in West Sussex about her life before becoming an author and  the books she has written since retiring from teaching.

Her first five books were set in Worthing and the surrounding area and her sixth book was a romance set in the 1960's.

She is available to speak on " Her Life and Works" or " Sussex in Fiction" a new talk for 2019 encompassing the work of a variety of writers inspired by the county. 

She can also give poetry readings and host discussions on self publishing with book or writing groups.



The Lane Trilogy consisted of Lane's End, Un-Stable Lane and The Third Lane, all set on the South Coast and  about  a man with learning difficulties and the folk who help him overcome them.

Never Run Away and Never Pretend see a married woman escaping from her husband and trying to live a new life but circumstances change and when her daughter and grandson join her there is even more family conflict.

'A Lesson for the Teacher, a 1960's romance, has been followed by a return to the family from the 'Lane ' trilogy but sees the grandmother unsure of how to spend her life.

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Julie's new Sussex  based novel "A Bend in the Lane" was launched at Worthing Pavilion Cafe/Bar on Tuesday 3rd July. Regular readers will be happy that the characters from the previous 'Lane' books continue to have family adventures with birth and death, crime and romance in this latest story.

Julie will have a stall at the Broadwater Festival on Saturday 21st July with fellow Sea Scribe, Elaine Hankin where she will be promoting Sussex based stories including ' A Bend in the Lane.'






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