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Julie C Round is a public speaker who gives talks to the WI and other local groups in West Sussex about her life before becoming an author and  the books she has written since retiring from teaching.

Her first five books were set in Worthing and the surrounding area and her sixth book is a romance set in the 1960's.

"A Lesson for the Teacher" tells the story of four young women who find life outside college more challenging than they had expected.

She is available to speak on " Her Life and Works" "Do You Want to be a Writer?" or "From Manuscript to Microphone" as she is now recording for the Voice of Progress, a local newspaper for the blind in Sussex.

She can also give poetry readings and host discussions on self publishing with book or writing groups.



The Lane Trilogy consists of Lane's End, Un-Stable Lane and The Third Lane, all set on the South Coast and is about  a man with learning difficulties and the folk who help him overcome them.

Never Run Away and Never Pretend see a married woman escaping from her husband and trying to live a new life but circumstances change and when her daughter and grandson join her there is even more family conflict.

After A Lesson for the Teacher she has turned her attention to producing a poetry anthology with three colleagues and writing a pantomime to be recorded by the local talking newspaper.

She also enters short story competitions and has been published in "The Lady."





Reflections, Then and Now" a new poetry anthology by Julie Round, Ben Round, Joan Blackburn and Bryan Fletton published on August 10th 2017 and only available from Oldstick Books at 07981239017. 

 'Music and Words' 

a charity gig in aid of the Parkinson's Society to be held at St Botolph's Church Hall, Worthing on Saturday 12th May at 7.30pm.

The Sea Scribes and local musicians will be giving a joint performance.

New novel 'A Bend in the Lane' due out in June.







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