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My history.

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I was born in Slough, Bucks in 1942 and was educated in Ealing Grammar School. 

After training as a teacher at Balls Park Training College in Hertford I moved to London, where I met my future husband , Ben.

We have two sons and retired to Sussex in 1999 when I began to write novels.

These family stories were designed to appeal to my mother and the subject matter was sympathetic with happy endings.

The three 'Lane' novels proved popular locally and were followed by two more stories based in the area of the South coast with which readers liked to identify. 'Never Run Away,'was a relationship story about a woman running away from her marriage and 'Never Pretend.' about an adopted boy.

However, in 2016, I wrote a different story, about three teachers looking for love in the 1960s, hopefully appealing to all ages, especially if they liked a little more spice in their adventures.

My most recent book, ' A Bend in the Lane',written because readers requested it, is about the adventures of an elderly lady, the grandmother from 'Lane's End,' who trusts a gentleman she meets on holiday, with consequences.

These books, and short stories and poems, make the basis for my talks for the Women's Institute and when I recorded 'Lane's End' for Calibre audio library it allowed me to meet and join the Sussex Coast Talking Newspaper(VOP).In December 2017 we recorded a pantomime I had written entitled "The Wizard of Was."

I am also a member of SWWJ,Goodreads and Sea Scribes, a local writing group. www.juliecround.com will connect you to amazon where you can read reviews and purchase books.

Also, my bloglink on page one of this site will tell you what I am doing and writing now, including the most recent poetry book.


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