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The Lane Trilogy. (from 2007)

A man with learning difficulties finds a woman on a houseboat who teaches him how to make mosaics. Will this lead to a lasting adjustment to modern life? Set on the South Downs this follows him and his family through floods, conflict and disappointments.

Never Run Away.(2014)

A man made miserable by redundancy and a woman seeking a new identity. But running away is not easy, especially when she finds herself living with an eccentric old lady in a mysterious house on the south coast. Is it possible to start afresh or will the past always catch up with you? (also on kindle)

Never Pretend. (2015)

A young single mother comes to live with her mother in a big house on the Sussex coast.

She falls in love with a schoolteacher who seems happy to take on a boy who is not his own.

But a troubled childhood begins to affect his behaviour and, in spite of finding success with a music group, the adjustments needed to cope with their difficulties almost prove too much for the couple.

A Lessson for the Teacher (2016) 

This nostalgic romance set in the 1960's sees three schoolteachers learning harsh lessons from life.( also on kindle)

Sea Scribes. Our local writing group who encourage each other and beta read our work. We enjoy taking our books to local venues and discussing our writing with interested parties..

A Bend in the Lane (2018)

An elderly widow meets a charming Major and considers moving to Italy.

Coconut Ice ( 2019) a poetry anthology written with Anne Todd.

A Tunes and Tales Charity Event with the Sea Scribes, the Featherstone Jazzmen and Jasmin Goddard in aid of St Barnabas.

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